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Being in action is at the heart of the matter in the craft of acting. “The actor is the doer,” my teacher Herbert Berghof used to always say. Good acting is good doing. Doing something physical to oneself, someone or something (objects/ environment) is the only way the actor gains trust, confidence and faith in his/her imaginary portrayal and so, consequently, does the audience. A complete involvement physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually is an absolute condition for practicing the art of acting. Continue reading

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THE RULES OF ACTING ©2010 by Eric Stone

Acting is a craft and an art. Craft means that it requires ability, aptitude, know-how and skill. It also means that it is governed by specific principles, rules, tools and techniques which, when applied, produce an impact or an effect in the direction of the intended result. Continue reading

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“Off My Feet” Scene Study Technique by Eric Stone

“Off my feet” refers to the time an actor spends working on the scene before s/he actually “gets up” to rehearse it. More work is done on theme, understanding, plot, and readings of the work. The actor should aim at developing his or her own technique based on life experience, acting training, and personal intuition. All aspects of the above scene study technique will be explored in depth. It is required that you familiarize yourself with all the scene study vocabulary and distinctions in technique class. I highly recommended that you read Uta Hagen’s excellent book: RESPECT FOR ACTING. In addition to having been trained by Miss Hagen personally in New York City, I happen to believe that this is the best, most comprehensive reference book on the craft of acting. Continue reading

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