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Helpful Acting principles by Eric Stone

Actors, unlike many other artists, never deliver a finished product. The work of the actor has to remain spontaneous, free and organic. Actors never carry their rehearsal onto the stage. All that matters on stage or in front of the camera is what goes on “at the moment” in terms of behavior and actions received or sent. This represents one of the most commonly misunderstood concepts in the craft and a source of recurring tension and dissatisfaction among performers. Acting is letting go. Continue reading

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Eric Stone performs Stravinsky’s A Soldier’s tale (Histoire du Soldat)

Track 02 Philippe Benichou Starring Stravinsky’s A Soldier’s Tale

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One of my all-time favorite actors Gérard Philipe

Gérard Philipe in La Mort du Loup by Alfred de Vigny Continue reading

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“On my Feet” Scene Study Technique by Eric Stone

Make the place here and now/activities/objects/ condition/ atmosphere, and read again focusing primarily on those aspects. Never go for emotion at any early stage of the rehearsal process. Continue reading

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Understanding Scene Study by Eric Stone

First approach…ground zero…read, study, relax, let the play speak to you. Do not impose your point of view or judge too soon what it is all about. Let it work on you. Try not to read as your character but instead without coloring or emotional input. Read it out loud and with your partner as m Continue reading

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Stage versus Film or Television Acting by Eric Stone

How can a theater trained actor make the adjustment necessary for playing on camera? What are the main differences between stage acting and film acting. Continue reading

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Eric Stone Acting System

ERIC STONE STUDIO ACTING SYSTEM The Eric Stone Studio System is an organic and innovative approach to teaching the craft of acting. The strength of the approach is that it is entirely tailored and focused on training the individual as … Continue reading

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You Cannot Act If You Are Tense! by Hollywood Actors Studio founder Eric Stone

Relaxation or rather the need to work in a relaxed manner is the most important responsibility of the actor. Relaxation of the body, mind and emotions opens new dimensions and offers considerable creative advantages. Genuine creativity resides in higher planes of consciousness. Continue reading

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