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It’s not enough to say, “I’m in my car with my friends having a good time on the way to a hot party.” Spontaneity in acting does not come from leaving things up to chance but rather from carefully planning and rehearsing a specific circumstance through detailed actions and then by trusting and letting go. The necessary spontaneity will come from having recreated a life-like situation and responding to it. Continue reading

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Helpful Acting principles by Eric Stone

Actors, unlike many other artists, never deliver a finished product. The work of the actor has to remain spontaneous, free and organic. Actors never carry their rehearsal onto the stage. All that matters on stage or in front of the camera is what goes on “at the moment” in terms of behavior and actions received or sent. This represents one of the most commonly misunderstood concepts in the craft and a source of recurring tension and dissatisfaction among performers. Acting is letting go. Continue reading

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THE RULES OF ACTING ©2010 by Eric Stone

Acting is a craft and an art. Craft means that it requires ability, aptitude, know-how and skill. It also means that it is governed by specific principles, rules, tools and techniques which, when applied, produce an impact or an effect in the direction of the intended result. Continue reading

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