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Randy Brazie

What is the teaching and Eric Stone specifically as a teacher have done for you to contribute to your growth as an actor, as an artist and as a human being.
Eric has worked with me in private coaching for almost a year now. I started the training as a real novice, with no formal experience previously. Eric has had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. I've identified more clearly my reasons for pursuing acting and am becoming more honest, more open and more alive as a result. Eric provides a philosophic, holistic approach to the art form that drives you to expand your horizons on multiple levels. He is very different from the type of get famous quick schemers that are out there, and has genuineness and kindness that is very apparent. He also takes no excuse for not challenging yourself, but is never caustic or rude.

How has your life changed as a result of the teaching?
I've begun to make some major changes in my work and life in general. I'm more active in taking proper care for myself and find that I'm more enthusiastic and energetic in my pursuits. I'm also gradually shifting to freeing up more of my personal time to pursue my artistic interests, despite many pressures not to do so.

Talk about your personal experience of this approach to acting.
My first experiences focused on learning to trust myself and let go. Much of the work involved relaxing and expanding past my many attempts to control and tightly contain who I was and how I was seen. As I began to give myself permission to actually express emotion, I found that I wasn't the emotional mess that this fear controlling me said I was. Now I find myself more openly communicating with others and finding even stronger interest and commitment into the field of acting. I now know that acting is not the shallow, unsatisfying rat-race that I feared it to be.

What are the accomplishments?
At this time, I've achieved much in my personal growth and am looking forward to completing my first project!

Could you describe to a newcomer what the experience of being a student of Eric Stone is is like?
Eric is laid-back and friendly. I can't imagine anyone feeling intimidated by him! He is more than flexible both in what we cover during sessions as well as changing plans on short notice when needed. He is always polite and friendly, but this again does not mean he doesn't encourage you to grow as a person and an artist!

Additional Comments:
Eric's approach to acting is more open and organic than those who follow just one set school of thought. I can't think of a better way to lay a strong foundation to the craft!

What are the most important benefits you are getting out of this training?
Learning to relax during performance, incorporating appropriate atmosphere to a scene/performance, maintaining respect and dignity toward myself and others, understanding the underlying motivations that drive a character's behavior, avoiding a superficial performance.

What specific results do you attribute to your participation?
Although I haven't begun pursuing work yet, I will be working as an extra on HBO's Six Feet Under for a day, which is a wonderful start! I have more energy and more investment in myself and others as a result of my training to date.

What in your opinion makes this coaching unique and distinct from other trainings?
Eric's approach avoids teaching just one school of thought or "method". His strong background in multiple approaches to acting leads to a foundation that is unduplicated in other acting schools in the area Eric's approach also does not strive to "break down" or humiliate the student as a means to progress. His approach is more profound and philosophic (even spiritual) than many, if not all, other coaches out there!

If you had to sum up how you are benefiting from this training in a couple of strong sentences, what would they be?
Eric's training provides a strong foundation to a deeper, more satisfying approach to acting. You will finish as a better actor, one who truly enjoys life and the creative process!

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