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Melissa Harris
Melissa Harris
Available for Work
I have been a student of Eric StoneÁs for a little over a year. Within that year I have made incredible accomplishments in life and acting through his weekly acting class, monthly scene study and empowerment seminars. I like to think of Eric as my Ëlife coach,Ó not just my acting coach. As a newcomer (and veteranÁs too!), Eric is sure to create a SAFE environment for actorÁs to evolve and develop. It is important that you believe that you belong there and he does everything in his control, to make this a reality. This is one major way that Eric differs from other teachings. And this was also extremely important to me, as I hadnÁt done any performing in over 8 years, when I arrived to the Hollywood ActorÁs Studio. And as we all know, this town can be very intimidating and unforgiving.

In the year that I have been training with Eric, I have changed tremendously in my performance training, my life management, my self-esteem and empowerment. I have gotten real with those around me, and therefore, real with myself. Through development of these different aspects of my life, I have intern strengthened each of them individually, because they all feed off each other. ItÁs amazing, how when you become straightened out in one area of your life, you empower EVERY OTHER aspect of your life. Through clarity and cutting out all the nonsense, I have flushed out the stresses that used to consume me. I have come to know what I truly enjoy doing and I have empowered those around me. I am pursuing projects and ready for auditions. EricÁs method of coaching is to not only teach you the proper way to work as a performer, but more importantly how to operate and succeed in this industry, via a SOLID business model! After all, you are your own boss out there and you must be your biggest fan, supporter and inspiration.

One of EricÁs consistent mantraÁs is ËCommitment, commitment, commitment!!!Ó Which he practices every day in the way he trains and lives. The proof is in the results, as those training with him, continue to make progress at a very fast pace. This was an essential aspect of coaching that I was looking for, before signing up. My coach MUST live and practice the way he teaches, or how can I possibly trust him?

To sum up my feelings and opinions on Eric and the Hollywood ActorÁs Studio: I cannot verbalize how grateful I am to have come across this approach to acting and life, in order to enhance my creative talent in the performing arts. I only hope we can all continue to inspire Eric, to the magnitude that he inspires us!

What are the most important benefits you are getting out of this training?
  1. I am learning method acting techniques for the PROPER way to work, utilizing atmosphere, relaxation and trusting your instincts.
  2. I am learning how to be open and free, so that I am more easily Ëcoachable.Ó
  3. I am learning how to empower myself, in order to make a smoother running, self-promoted business, with my acting.
  4. I am realizing what makes me happy and creating a life to encompass that at all times.
If you had to sum up how you are benefiting from this training in a couple of strong sentences, what would they be?
EricÁs training empowers his students to be the best people they can be on and off the stage and he truly lives the way he teaches!

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