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  Kazuko Teresa Nagamine
Available for Work in Nara, Japan

Kazuko recently attended a Two Day Intensive Private Weekend with Eric Stone. She is an Actress and Teacher in Nara, Japan.

Was it worth the money and the long trip?

Yes, it certainly was. It takes almost 11 hours to fly from Osaka, Japan to LA. I live about an hour from Osaka, and you have to get to the airport 2 hours in advance to fly internationally, so it is approximately 14 hours' trip for me to get to LA and take classes from Mr. Eric Stone. I did just that, paying a good sum of money on plane tickets, plus the accommodation and what have you. It was worth it.

What I learned form Mr. Stone during the two-day private intense training is very hard for me to put in words, namely because that's something you have to feel. Its not like studying math or science at school, which you can put your fingers precisely and say, " I learned that."

He taught me to be 100%. That's one of the most powerful concepts he showed me. There were times in my career when I wondered why no matter how hard I tried or what I did to achieve my goals, I just couldn't. I convinced myself that I had good days and bad days and learning to live is trying your best to deal with those 'bad times.'

After the training, I don't feel that way anymore. I know that, when things don't work out the way I want them to, it's me. I'm not there 100%.

When people didn't appear the way I expected them to, or when they treated me certain ways and felt no respect from them, I used to get very scared and blamed it on anything, or anyone. I blamed myself too, telling myself that I wasn't worthy of others' respect or attention. Now I don't do that. Now I create my 'atmosphere' and keep it all the time. I create respectable atmosphere and keep it. Unshaken.

It takes hard work and energy. And sometimes I fail miserably. But I bounce back, because I know just what I need to work on. I told Mr. Stone when the two days finished that I might make the training my annual pilgrimage. I need to have my batteries recharged every once in a while and I know where to have it done. I am truly glad that I decided to do go to LA and take the training.

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