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 Kabrina Feickert
Available for Work
The program reawakened my respect for acting as an art and for myself as an artist. I'm having more fun as I grow and learning where my frustrations came from as they drop away. The encouragement at all levels and at each step proves that this is a safe place to explore honestly. Since starting the program, I see myself on an artistic path rather than dwelling on 'what if's' and 'if only's'. Not that it's been a breeze. Looking at yourself, at parts of yourself that may never have seen the light of day, can be disheartening to say the least. But you learn and realize that you're larger than some bruise on your ego. You develop an appetite for exploration and exposure. This isn't a quest for mastery- it's for life. I've seen people come into class who aren't open to this for whatever reason. They don't stick. But if the person is open to exposing who and what they truly are- boy they love it. Experience is not an issue for the program or the people in it. I have confidence and trust in Eric as a coach and in the class members as a community. Tangible results are a support group and a working understanding of what I want to be in the industry. The coaching itself is unique in that it prioritizes techniques and joins them creating a flexible and anchored way of working. To sum up in a few sentences how I'm benefiting from class, I'd have to say I'm benefiting everywhere in my life. I see more and more of my own inconsistencies and games everyday. I am exposing more of the things I've become used to hiding. Actors cannot hide, their job is to expose the human spirit. This is what excites me about acting. The raw human spirit that can be accessed, shared and absorbed by the witnesses to such a beautiful and powerful art. To learn how to do this you can't help but live it.

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