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Jason Richards
Jason Richards

How long you've been a student? 5 Years

What is the teaching and Eric Stone specifically as a teacher have done for you to contribute to your growth as an actor, as an artist and as a human being?
He has helped me transfom my skills as an actor from being a pretty good craftsman into something approaching art. It's an amazing experience that's difficult to put into words.

How has your life changed as a result of the teaching?
Well, my LIFE life hasn't changed much. My professional life has changed from increased confidence and an ability to make characters come to life in a whole new way. I can take bigger chances... and make it work.

Talk about your personal experience of this approach to acting.
I've had many coaches in my time. Eric has been the most honest, insightful and helpful of all.

What are your accomplishments?
Well... I'm booking more now.

Could you describe to a newcomer what the experience of being a student of Eric Stone is is like
Expect an accepting atmosphere. Expect to be safe enough to be outrageous, outlandish and risk everything. Expect (sometimes) brutal honesty. Expect to have strangers bring you into a family of people trying to make an artistic statement. Expect to grow... sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but always growing... break-throughs are an everyday occurrence... as are failures in breaking through. Either way, expect to go home feeling good about what you did.

What are the most important benefits you are getting out of this training?
.....Eric has this wonderful (and at times disconcerting) way of seeing where you are and where you need to go next... and he does it without attacking personally. His goal is to make you a fine actor/human and he does it remarkably well.

What specific results do you attribute to your participation?
I have been a pro actor for 25 years and have done over 5000 commercials, trailers and narrations (mostly voice-over.) Being with Eric has helped my "batting average" and increased the number of times I'm booked compared to the number of times I audition. I am more confident, and more able to handle whatever comes along professionally as a result of my work with Eric.

What in your opinion makes this coaching unique and distinct from other trainings?
Don't expect him to tell you how wonderful you are unless you actually are - for that day and time! He is insightful, and sometimes brutally honest... but that's what we need to grow as actors. Expect him to know more about you that you know about yourself. Most coaches will tell you you're terrific just to keep you coming to class. Eric will ask you to leave the class if you aren't giving it your best shot. This doesn't mean he's abusive or difficult, just honest enough to make sure you're making progress. He's a gem.

If you had to sum up how you are benefiting from this training in a couple of strong sentences, what would they be?
I've been making my living as a professional actor for 25 years and I learn something new in every class with Eric. I am growing as an actor. What more is there?

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