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Dennis Kleinman

Dennis Kleinman

Since starting with Eric Stone, I have learned a lot about my own strengths as an artist, how I need to approach my tasks, and through Ericís organic approach to acting, have learnt that my importance as a talent and human being can be directly applied to my acting, yet at the same time, I am also very strongly aware that I am also a conduit and that that aspect of my work needs to overshadow any sense of ego.

As I have been studying in this field for less than a year, I have gained a lot of confidence in who I am as an actor and what my strengths are. I have done some small voice over projects, but most importantly, have gained a clear picture of the path before me that I need to travel to reach the goals that I have set for myself.

I believe that we are able to reach the core of this artistic endeavor, which makes the actor more believable and real to his audience.

I have always had an inner desire to pursue this craft, and by becoming part of Ericís group, I have been afforded the privilege of working within a very safe and open environment where I have license to pursue any aspects of acting that I wish to.

The acting group at Hollywood Actors Studio consists of very special people who have brought their unbridled talent and desire to the class. It is an extremely safe environment where no one is critically judged, other than to help the actor to improve. We push the limits in creativity and are challenged and encouraged to heighten the commitment to anything that we try to do. From the time class begins to when it ends, anything is possible, and anything can happen, and the beauty and strength of Ericís teachings are that where you think you might be going at the commencement of class, is rarely where you find yourself ending up.

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