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David Kane

How long you've been a student? Two and a half years.

What is the teaching and Eric Stone specifically as a teacher have done for you to contribute to your growth as an actor, as an artist and as a human being?
I have experienced phenomenal growth in the appreciation of acting as an art form, and in the realization of that within myself. I really have gone through a complete turnaround in the past two and a half years, in terms of my perception of what acting means, and, thanks to Eric, I am now starting to experience what the real thing really means. It is a wonderful and life changing feeling!

How has your life changed as a result of the teaching?
Through Ericís profoundly inspirational, intelligent and sensitive coaching, I have developed a huge amount of confidence in my craft. A very pleasing side effect (though not the main intention of the class, it is, after all, an acting class!) has been the fascinating exploration of the psychology of the human condition, in its many forms, and a great education in what makes us all human, which has had some profoundly rewarding results in my life outside of acting as well. Tapping into this in my interactions with others in all aspects of my life has produced some very enriching and beneficial results.

Talk about your personal experience of this approach to acting.
Eric is a highly intelligent and experienced coach. He fosters an atmosphere of trust in class, within which he is able to, in a spirit of support and encouragement, really push us to the limit and get the results that we all crave, and that we need to be able to produce consistently in order to attract the right kind of projects to us.

What are your accomplishments?
He has taken us to the point where we really, sincerely believe that we can become working actors. However, it has gone further than that, his coaching opens the lid on far more than that, he teaches a love and dedication to a life in art for all. Through the past months, I have started writing projects, and there are other class members who have embarked on other artistic projects as a result of his coaching and support!

Could you describe to a newcomer what the experience of being a student of Eric Stone is is like
Itís a trip! A superb trip in to the world of artistic possibility. Eric constantly strives to guide us to replace that which is not, with that which is. His philosophies and techniques are not impractical and esoteric, they are highly practical, and designed to produce real, working actors and artists. I moved half way around the world to take this course, and I assure you that I was not disappointed!

A few more words from David ...
I repeat myself sometimes, but usually only when it's important. Learning with you was like coming home. You once said that you have to find the place where you belong, those are true words. Every day, you have to keep in check with where you are, what you are doing, and ask yourself if this is your path or not. Every day, without fail. Thank you for helping me to reveal myself to myself, I know that I have only just started on the path, but thank you.

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