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Cameron Lee
Available for Work

Successfully completing professional acting training in Los Angeles has been one of the most challenging and significant experiences in my life. I had to learn to lose my identity, my inhibitions and take emotional risks in order to grow as a performer. Yet, in trying to do so, I had to shake the foundation of my own personality and self-confidence - a foundation I had constructed with great effort.

Acting is a daunting task for any individual. In my case, to even dream of acting as a career required courage. Many years ago, when I first came to America, I was afraid and scared; people often humiliated me and laughed at me because I couldn't speak English well. It caused me to withdraw to protect myself, and I became afraid of showing whom I was inside. I also lost confidence in myself as a person.

Yet I held on to my dream and persevered. I chose acting as my major and here I was - attending acting training sessions. I was asked to put my guard down - anything that was going to create a wall between the coach and I had to go. I wasn't comfortable with the whole situation, because I wasn't used to leaving myself emotionally exposed. I found many of the acting exercises very stressful and this caused a lot of conflicts with the coach in the beginning.

Slowly, my emotional barriers began to give way to a new, more confident individual who could shout at a wall with no hesitation, or take on another personality at a moment's notice, however different or ridiculous. My coach told me that my training was not just about learning how to act and express myself, it was also my path to self-discovery.

There were tears and laughter throughout this exhilarating process, but in the end, it was all worth it. Every single moment, every single action that I took was a story of success for me. Most importantly, by learning to act, I also fashioned the role I would play on the stage of life - that of a new, confident individual with a desire to succeed and the perseverance to work hard and overcome any challenges that lie ahead. Thank you for everything , you helped me grow a lot as a person.

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