Pursuing a career in the arts takes courage, vision & tenacity; but above all else it takes faith & confidence in yourself. Strong coaching is at the heart of the matter of many successful careers. Hollywood Actors Studio is a safe and creative professional medium for all aspiring actors, performers, public speakers & voice-over artists dedicated to developing solid skills and gaining confidence as artists and individuals.

We offer a variety of solid skill development programs at all levels to fine tune your instrument and grow your talent. These programs cover a wide & complete spectrum of distinctions and techniques essential in the pursuit of self-expression as an art form and a career. Call us now at (310) 205-9219.


People develop at their own pace and are encouraged to be bold in ideas, courageous in taking chances and tenacious to acquire a seamless, solid and lasting technique. The programs are unique is that they cover a complete and necessary spectrum of distinctions which Mr.Stone considers the most potent in the pursuit of acting as an art form and a career.

Self-expression, self-esteem and self-confidence matter in relationship to acting. They are examined in depth. Issues of personal power and effectiveness are also dealt with extensively during the course. Eric Stone views acting as a physical, experiential and public art form. To exist freely in those realms demands more than a casual interest or even determined wishing. It takes real courage to be an actor and Eric prides himself to deliver the tools and “heart of the matter” insights to give his students over the years the confidence to succeed.

Eric views confidence as the certainty and therefore reliability of something. To be confident he says is to be certain. A reliable technique is something you can depend on and therefore “stand on” and, from that platform act committedly and with power.

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