Actress Andreea Paleru

"I was four years old, I remember sitting in the Maria Filoti Theatre in Braila, Romania watching a play for the first time in my life; suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life: acting. Everything changed for me forever because of that night. I couldn't describe it but I fell in love with his other life that was taking place in front of my eyes. I remember most vividly saying to myself 'I want to be a part of that world'. The 'real' world I was living in was a very poor country in Eastern Europe.

Until 1989, Romania was under the severe communist regime of Ceausescu and the theatre was indeed the only place where we could experience a little bit of freedom and relief from oppression. My mother was a well known actress there and she helped me keep my dream alive to one day move to the United States and become an actress. I was in love with acting.

I arrived in the US in 2000. My first legitimate American class was at the Hollywood Actors Studio with Eric Stone. My coach has had a profound effect on my development. I've learned everything about acting from Eric. He helped me open myself up to my inner life, my inner soul and to bring that to each character I portray. I want to stay true to myself. I'm interested in meaningful roles where I can bring something authentic, vulnerable and speak of inner struggles. I have tremendous respect for the craft. I see myself as a foreign international actress with a deep emotional range. I am tall and athletic in physique. I am also multi-lingual. I could easily play Eastern European or Latin such as Italian, Spanish or French."

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