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Amy LewisVisit Amy's Website

What is the teaching and Eric Stone specifically as a teacher have done for you to contribute to your growth as an actor, as an artist and as a human being?
I used to be one of those walking dead people. Alive but not alive just reacting to my environment like a weed blowing in the wind. Difficult life circumstances woke me up abrubtly and I took on the challenge of starting a new, different kind of life ¸ Eric crossed my path at the perfect time. His teaching has been one of the primary guiding forces behind huge life changes for me. He has given me a structure made up of practical tools from which I can rechannel my very intense emotions and life experiences into art. Something that is healing me, saving me and making me very very happy in the process. Always the difficult student, clinging to my old ways, he has pushed (in his beautiful way ¸ kind yet exceedingly persisitant) and guided me into breakthroughs in my personal, professional and creative life. These days I do more authentic growing in one week than I used to do in a year in my past. I seriously do not kid about this nor overexagerate.

How has your life changed as a result of the teaching?
I am so much more open ¸ everyone tells me this ¸ I am happy ¸ Good things just happen to me all the time as long as IĦm open to them ¸ and the coolest thing is that people around me ¸ including strangers are just very attracted to me ¸ I used to be very stand-offish now I constantly attract amazing and wonderful energy from people around me. My creativity flows much more generously which has had very positive effects in my business life. I'm looking at my business differently and getting much clearer and thus more successful with it. I feel alive and very happy and am beginning to trust and feel my true power.

Talk about your personal experience of this approach to acting.
I have been studying with Eric privately once a week for 14 months now in conjunction with his classes. I am not a professional actor; but am very serious about my pursuit of acting and my eventual embarkment on a professional level. IĦm still building my ship you could say, and charting my course. The privates have been undeniably a huge factor in my growth as an actor/artist/woman. I wanted the full throttle, fast paced, VERY intense approach and thatĦs what the privates have offered me. The only focus is on me: my goals, strengths, weaknesses and hiding becomes impossible. With EricĦs method of teaching especially in private sessions, huge amounts of growth are an guarenteed outcome as long as you keep showing up. You canĦt help but grow as an artist ¸ and with that you can go WHEREVER YOU WANT TO GO. ThatĦs the cool part, you show up ¸ you do the work ¸ you get freed up and the world opens up to you ¸ itĦs honestly the best money IĦve ever spent. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about their art and growth or is just very impatient like me.

What are your accomplishments?
Everything IĦve mentioned already ¸ an authentic sense of happiness that IĦve never felt before, running my first marathon, having a story done about me and my work by a major TV network which was born of an article I wrote with was inspired by my work with Eric.

Could you describe to a newcomer what the experience of being a student of Eric Stone is is like
Uhhh¸ itĦs like a wake up call ¸ the call youĦve been waiting for ¸ the call youĦre not quite sure youĦre ready to take but here you are so you must be ¸ class is always huge amounts of fun, itĦs life changing & something you will soon realize that you were meant to find. Everyone in class is hugely supportive like a warm family. And the best part is even if you completely fuck up, we all still clap for you.

What are the most important benefits you are getting out of this training?
I am learning how to channel my emotions, ideas and life experiences into something that is artistic and in the process healing to myself & to others. I am gaining much more self confidence speaking in front of people and letting the real me show through. I am beginning to truly understand and feel that life is an ongoing creative process; that the creative life is the one I want to lead and that I (and any one else for that matter) am held back by no one but myself. And finally, volumes of priceless acting tools and techniques.

Anything else you'd like to add:
One thing that is very powerful and special about Eric and the way he teaches is his dedication and absolute insistence on creating and keeping a CLEAN space from which to work from. There is no bullshit, ego or projections. His integrity is impeccable. As a result, anything the slightest bit weird or not quite right shows up, it is plainly obviously for everyone to see. The value of this is huge. ItĦs like he creates a space that is without fog, without confusion, without grey areas ¸ so if there is fog there you know youĦre the one putting it there. This makes learning very difficult lessons much easier, and growth much faster.

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