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AlexAlex Lvovsky
Available for Work

What is the teaching and Eric Stone specifically as a teacher have done for you to contribute to your growth as an actor, as an artist and as a human being?
I have been witness to dramatic changes in my views on acting, art and life - a dramatic shift for the positive. Through Eric's approach and dedication to his students, I have embarked on a wonderful journey through life and have matured greatly in the process. I am occasionally astonished at the territory that has been covered in so short a time, but I am even more bewildered and surprised to find that the learning never ends, but keeps adding on and on - and Eric keeps giving and giving. The approach is very organic, safe and empowering. The coach is genuinely interested in the success of ALL of his students. Eric's credentials are as impressive as one can find in the industry, but that's not what guides this process - his heart is.

How has your life changed as a result of the teaching?
Tremendous changes in my habits and relationships are some of the "byproducts" of this training. It becomes obvious eventually that the true actor's training is intimately tied with the spiritual path that we travel. Positive energy, happiness, and care for loved ones become the norm. The sense of strength and accomplishment become your constant companion as you continue the training. Your acting as well as all of the projects that you are involved (related directly or not) will see tremendous improvement and success.

Talk about your personal experience of this approach to acting.
I can easily say that my tenure at the studio and Eric Stone in particular has been the main ingredient in what turned out to be the happiest year of my life, and it keeps getting better. All of this is coupled with personal challenges and some hard times. The point of the training is not a "feel good" course - that's a natural product of working through and overcoming significant challenges. Be prepared to have your views on acting, art and life to be challenged. Welcome it, your truer self awaits you on the other side.

What are your accomplishments?
I am learning tremendously powerful techniques for the art of acting, which actually afford me greater freedom on stage (and in life). Imagine that, a technique that tells you how to do something but instead frees you up! I know without a doubt that I am not the same man, actor or artist as I was when I first came to the class. My success has also been in direct correlation to my willingness to listen and surrender to Eric's teaching.

Could you describe to a newcomer what the experience of being a student of Eric Stone is is like
A new actor in the studio may find the approach a little esoteric at times. He/she may find Eric demanding of his students. They will undoubtedly be exposed to ideas that they have not ever considered, or to views that are not the norm in their surroundings. They will probably discover that what they know and expect from themselves and the craft are at best shadows of its true power and beauty. They will find themselves wanting to prove Eric wrong on occasion, especially if they are clever. But they will also immediately be impressed by the warmth, safety and support the class offers to all of those who come to be a part of it. And as they hang with all of the things that come up in the process, they will get clearer and clearer on what is happening and where it will take them.

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